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As Kevin Durant leads the Warriors’ charge yet again, he has some wondering if his display of basketball skill is the most unstoppable the world has ever seen. He is a 7 footer with a crazy long wingspan who can shoot, play off the dribble, drive to the rim and handle the ball. The world has not seen many like him.

But despite the attributes listed above, not everyone is ready to hail him as basketball’s best scorer.

On ESPN’s morning show “Get UP!” former NBA star Jalen Rose made it known who he thinks that title (still) belongs to.

True, MJ was about as unstoppable as they come. 6 Championships, two three-peats, no Game 7s. When he turned it on, there was no stopping him. His 30 point career scoring average is evidence of that.

But is it so wrong to consider someone else? Guys like KD and even Kobe could do a lot of what Michael did, only they were better outside shooters.

This postseason is at least starting that conversation again, and KD is really raising some eyebrows around the league.

Once again, he is reminding folks of just how good he is, and wherever he decides to go this summer will severely tip the scales of the NBA hierarchy.

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