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Though the New York Knicks have had a bit of a rough existence, they might be due for a serious revamp this summer.

The big market and cap-space in New York have created a perfect storm of desirability, especially from Warriors’ forward Kevin Durant. As most are penciling in the star as a lock to head to The Big Apple, the Knicks are preparing others along with him.

With stars likely en-route, the Knickerbockers no longer have use for their young stars, meaning they wouldn’t have an issue trading them for a guy like Anthony Davis. In a story by Bleacher Report‘s Dan Favale, he notes how New York’s plan for the summer may involve a trade for Anthony Davis.

“Bagging one or both of them [Durant and Kyrie] instantly ushers the Knicks to the forefront of the Anthony Davis sweepstakes—provided their draft position doesn’t bomb during the lottery,” Favale predicted. “Even if they don’t have the asset juice to also get him, netting a single top-10 talent equips them to crash the Eastern Conference playoff discussion.”

There is no going wrong by pairing Anthony Davis with Kevin Durant. It would instantly vault them to the favorites in the East.

Of course, the Knicks will have to get in line behind the Lakers and Celtics, as both teams are eager to trade Davis to their own team. It will be interesting to see where he ends up when it’s all said and done.

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