Kawhi Leonard is without any hesitation one of the best basketball players out there right now, as the small forward is considered one of the faces of the NBA and with all reason. Following very good years with the Spurs, where he won an NBA title, Kawhi decided it was time to leave Texas and went to play for the Toronto Raptors, where he is now the referent of the team, taking it to the postseason again.

You can say the Raptors maybe have a thing for losing seeing their performances these playoffs and how inconsistent they can be sometimes, but Kawhi is often the best player of his team, scoring a decent number of points and doing everything he can to help Toronto succeed, even though they aren’t in a good position against the Sixers at this moment.

However, that’s not enough to stop the talks about how bad the Raptors start to play in the playoffs and whether or not Leonard’s offensive is still underrated. During his appearance on NBA Countdown, NBA and Celtics’ legend Paul Pierce stated Leonard “does remind me a lot of myself.”

He, later on, was asked who will finish with a better NBA career between him and Leonard while Pierce honored his nickname, telling the truth.

“He was a two-time Defensive Player of the Year,” Pierce said. “He’s accomplished so much in just a short period of time – give it up to Kawhi. I’ve never been the defender; I’ve never been the defender he was. He’s going to be a constant face on the defensive player every single year. But like I said, he does a lot of things that I used to do offensively and the way he gets to the spot, he makes the game look easy.”

“Right now When you watch what he’s doing in the playoffs, averaging 40 points and he has so many more years to go… He could go down possible as the best two-way player to ever lived. To ever played the game.”

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