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The 2019 Playoffs have been absolutely polarizing so far, and it might be easy to forget the front-office debacle that has plagued the Lakers since the end of the season.

Magic Johnson stepped down, multiple figures are vying for behind-the-scenes-control, and the team is struggling to find direction heading into a critical offseason.

For the Lakers to get back on track, they will have to start with a coach. And while a number of candidates have emerged in that regard, former Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue appears to be leading the charge. Aside from reports, a very telling picture may have exposed the status of his candidacy for the L.A. job.

During his 42nd birthday celebration in Las Vegas, Lue was captured with a Laker themed birthday cake, titled “Happy Birthday, coach.”

TMZ Sports provided more details about the party:

Ty laughed when the cake was brought out — but we’re told he never really said anything to dispute the insinuation he’s gonna be the next coach of the Lakers.

So, either his pals were just trying to get a laugh … or they all know something that hasn’t “officially” been reported yet.

Whether or not this was a joke, we will likely know soon who will take over the coaching reigns in L.A. They have to portray a sense of stability before July 1st, and that can only happen with a coach in the locker room.

Is Lue the right one for this job?

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