Liverpool FC is the team everybody’s talking about right now, as the English side has shocked the world once again by proving nothing’s impossible. Following a first-leg 3-0 disadvantage in the Champions League semi-finals, the Reds were hoping to overcome adversity at home and make history once again.

They actually managed to beat the odds again and won the game by 4-0 in an epic night that saw how Jurgen Klopp’s pupils pulled off the miracle and absolutely smashed Barcelona. Obviously, every soccer fan has been talking about this feat and how good the five-time Champions League winners played against the Blaugrana, and that includes some superstars that shine in a different sport.

NBA Superstar LeBron James was one of the most excited fans, as a Liverpool victory is a victory of his own as well. For those who didn’t know, James actually owns 2% of Liverpool Football Club, after he and his LRMR marketing firm completed a deal in 2011 with the Fenway Sports Group, who owns a majority stake in the club.

That’s why he didn’t hesitate to show his excitement on this Liverpool achievement and even took on Twitter to state how happy he was for Klopp’s team.

If any of us was LeBron at this time, we also would be happy as hell. The King’s investment has already multiplied five or six times since 2011. Now that the Reds are going to play the Champions League Final for the second year in a row, the value of that investment will only continue to go up.

As for the Reds, the team will try and finally win the European title once again after pulling off another miracle in 2005, when they overcame a 3 goal deficit to beat AC Milan in one of the most epic soccer matches in the history of the game, but they’ll have to beat Tottenham or Ajax at Wanda Metropolitano first.