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On the long list of issues plaguing the Lakers, none are more damaging than the state of their leadership core. After former President Magic Johnson stepped down due to behind-the-scenes email trash talk, Lakers owner Jeanie Buss has taken control — or, at least, that is what we originally thought.

Rob Pelinka and the Rambis family have a significant voice within the organization, as Jeanie refers to them (and who knows who else) to make her choices.

Apparently, some of those folks are chirping in her ear to trade the franchise’s biggest star, LeBron James, as reported by ESPN’s Stephen A Smith.

If the Lakers are feeling pessimistic about their chances to land a top free agent this summer, then trading LeBron might actually make sense. It is clear that they will never reach Championship levels with this roster, and trading LeBron might be a good way to start over.

Still, the acquisition of one of the Top 5 greatest players of All-Time (even in his late 30s) is the best thing to happen to that franchise since their 2010 Championship run. With him, the Lakers at least have a chance at a postseason run, and won’t look like traitors for sending him off.

Either way, the only thing that is clear about the Lakers is the uncertainty of their future. With multiple voices pulling the strings, nobody knows what might happen next. Which means yes, LeBron James could be the next victim of this L.A. power struggle.

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