(via The Denver Post)

Draymond Green is not a guy who will get you 20 points every night, but you can be sure he will make his presence known in other ways. He plays the game by famously trying to get in the heads of his opponents, whether by trash talk or stifling defense, or both.

Often times, however, Draymond goes to other lengths to help ensure his team gets the victory: pain. He has almost no shame when it comes to intentionally hurting a player on the court. So much so, in fact, that it can be compiled into a lengthy list.

If you have any doubt about it, just scroll down. Thanks to Reddit user u/necessaryhereditary, we now have a history of Draymond’s dirty plays. Here is the list and, well, the record speaks for itself.


The Christmas Day Elbow


Hitting Mike Conley’s Broken Face


The Groin Kick (Part I and II)


Yanking Adams To The Floor


Dante Exum’s Throat


Kick To Marquesse Chriss


Dropkicking James Harden


Flipping Marcus Smart Into The Air


Poking LeBron’s Eye


The Harden Eye Poke


The Harden Eye Poke Part II


Elbow To Chris Paul


Kick On Kyrie Irving


Kick At Blake Griffin


Tackling Michael Beasley


All things considered, this is very concerning. It makes you wonder how many other plays like this have gone under the radar. Either way, it is a ridiculous tactic and one that Draymond should seriously consider dropping.