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If there is a word to describe the Philadelphia 76ers current season that is: inconsistent. The Sixers have had very good moments and awful ones through the campaign, becoming a very irregular team that doesn’t look like the one they had last year.

Seeing the poor performances from some of their players and the way some assets have played during these playoffs, experts and fans have started to discuss what the front office can do if they want to become a dangerous squad again. Right now they are on the verge to get eliminated from the postseason since they’re trailing the Toronto Raptors 3-2 in the Eastern Conference semifinals and everybody is already trying to explain what Philly should do after this season.

NBA star-turned-analyst Jalen Rose joined ESPN’s Get Up! to discuss this matter and let people know what Philadelphia should do if they want to bounce back next year.

“I feel like if you’re going to build around Joel Embiid, that means trading Ben Simmons,” Jalen said.

“Those are the two pillars of your team. Ben Simmons won’t shoot the ball outside of the paint, and he can’t shoot free throws,” Rose detailed. “When the playoffs come and the game slows down, you want Joel Embiid in the post—not at the three-point line. If Ben Simmons is on the baseline at the dunk spot, there’s really no true room to operate and them to maximize their potential.”

Throughout his two years in the NBA, Simmons hasn’t succeeded in trying to develop an effective jump shot. He has only attempted (and missed) 17 three-pointers ever since he got into the league and nearly 90 percent of his shot come from within 10 feet of the rim. Besides, Simmons’ stats have dramatically decreased now that we are in the postseason. So now Philly might have a couple of things to think about now that their season is almost done; they have two very talented players, but several people consider they should keep only one of them.