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True, Kyrie Irving had to hear smack from the media all season long. True, Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown had to somehow develop their game without the ball in their hands. True, Al Horford never got the credit he deserved for being one of Boston’s only consistent players all year long.

But out of all the players on the Celtics roster, perhaps none gave up more than Terry Rozier. At least, that is what he believes. In a comment to Yahoo! Sports, the point guard relayed a very simple and rather aggressive message.

Last season, Rozier helped the Celtics surge to a Game 7 in the Eastern Conference Finals. He showed the world what he could do, only to be sent to the back burner once Kyrie got healthy. This season, unsurprisingly, things have not been the same for him. He sacrificed his role for a Championship, and his team could not get past the second round. As the Celtics struggled, Rozier’s name disappeared from the headlines just as quickly as it had gotten there a year ago.

The conclusion seems inescapable: the Celtics must make a choice. If they keep Kyrie, they will have to move on from Rozier. If Kyrie leaves or they choose to let him go, then it leaves room for Rozier to finally get the role he wanted.

This whole situation is just one example of the issues that have been plaguing the Celtics all year long. Big egos and distrust have created a toxic situation that only a summer of change can fix.

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