(via Yahoo! Sports)

The Boston Celtics ended their season much like how it began — in shambles. After an optimistic offseason, the community was expecting a big run for Boston. No other roster could match their depth.

Quickly, though, those early expectations turned into doubt and disappointment as the team spiral out of control. Distrust, lethargic attitudes, and large egos took over the culture, and much of it stemmed from their own star Kyrie Irving. As the self-proclaimed “leader” of the team, he helped nurture a toxic, “hero ball” atmosphere within the franchise.

The season is over now, and most folks are wondering if the Celtics even want Kyrie back. After all, they still have more than enough talent without him, and they proved they could go far last postseason when the Kyrie-less C’s pushed LeBron and the Cavs to seven games.

Also, according to David Aldridge, one particular superstar might be more inclined to sign on long-term with them if Kyrie was gone.

Anthony Davis is on the trade block, and Boston has the assets to acquire him. But is it worth making a move if he isn’t committed long-term? If Kyrie is as good as gone, then we might see them jump at the opportunity.

Will it fix all of their problems? Probably not, but it’s a start.