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The Lakers were hoping for something better in the Jeanie Buss era. After seasons of mediocrity, she ousted her brother with a promise to make things right. Years into her reign, however, and it has brought nothing but more headaches and eyebrow-raising.

Besides signing LeBron, the players they have brought in have been questionable, at best. Magic Johnson (perhaps the only voice of reason within the organization) quite due to back-channeling trash talk between her and Rob Pelinka. Their top candidate for the head coaching position, Tyronn Lue, was involved in late-stage negotiations with the team before he ultimately felt disrespected by the front office for their rather ridiculous demands.

All of this is happening months and weeks before the start of free agency, and this current L.A. team is not helping its chances to acquire a big name target.

Lakers fans are, understandably, done. In protest against the state of their team and the miserable decision makers in the front office, fans are staging a protest on Friday (according to Fansided), where they will storm the gates of Staples Center to express their frustration.

This type of action is usually rare for NBA fans, but it seems the dysfunction of the team has pushed Laker Nation to action. Can you blame them?

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