Following a very disappointing first season as a part of the Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James future is as uncertain as some of the players that will enter free agency this upcoming offseason. The King was expected to lead L.A. to achieve big things once again and become the powerhouse they once were, but they failed and only won two more games than they did last season.

With all kind of rumors surrounding the franchise and LBJ, things don’t seem to be very clear for either of them right now and that only makes room for more comments about the unhappy situation going on at Staples.

Per ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith ESPN, “folks close to Jeanie Buss” are “imploring her to trade” LeBron James as soon as possible and try to get as many assets as she can.

However, people don’t trust Smith 100% and don’t believe this is true. But, Stephen is not the only one who has good information on this matter since Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Heavy took on Twitter to back up Smith and even dared to give a name of a potential new team for the King.

“There is truth to that notion. Stephen A Smith is not lying. Got a call after the trading deadline that suggested that teams were interested. I’ll name a team too: Denver Nuggets.”

This is nothing new as the Nuggets have tried to land LeBron in the past without any success. According to the Denver Post, even the team’s president James an email of Nuggets throwback jersey and told him, “You’ll look good in one of these.”

There is a history of the Nuggets trying to get James and even though that’s a long shot, they might be a good new destination for the three-time NBA champion.

Right now the Nuggets aren’t one of the best teams in the Western Conference but in the entire league, competing to thrive in the playoffs and expecting to get rid of the Portland Trail Blazers and become the first finalist of their conference. They are a very competitive organization that has improved season after season and now look ready to take it all.

Of course, we have to wait and see what they’re capable of doing in order to get LeBron, but if Denver manages to get LBJ within their ranks alongside Nikola Jokic and perhaps Jamal Murray, this team and his fans will have a lot of fun in the next years to come.

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