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A month-long coaching search has finally landed the Lakers their guy. In a report by ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, Frank Vogel will take over coaching duties for the team, with Jason Kidd as his assistant.

Interestingly enough, Vogel’s contract is for three years, which means his deal expires the same time LeBron’s does. But is he the right fit for the team?

In Indiana, he did a well-enough job, making the Eastern Conference Finals and consistently leading the Pacers to an elite record in the East. In Orlando, the same cannot necessarily be said, and he was ousted before really being given a roster that worked.

He is a defensive-minded coach, who is good at developing young players, and good at managing superstars. Offensive schemes are his biggest weakness though, and the folks he fills his coaching staff with will be very important in that regard.

Jason Kidd will join in under Vogel, mostly because of his potential relationship with Lonzo. As he becomes a mentor to him and other young players, he can help them grow and develop alongside LeBron James.

With these hires, another step in the Lakers’ one-summer rebuild is complete. As they look for free agents in the offseason, who they sign in that period will determine how long it takes to complete the next step.

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