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When Kevin Durant went down with a right calf strain in Game 5, it was an opportunity for the Rockets to finally overcome the Warriors after losing one of their greatest weapons.

Instead, it turned into a Warriors rout. Without Durant, the Dubs caught fire, with Klay and Steph combining for 60 points to beat out Houston to win the series in 6 games.

Several superstars, including Durant who was at home resting his leg, took to social media in celebration and recognition of the dominant win.


With questions looming about Durant’s upcoming free agency, it must have been refreshing to see him celebrating the team win even in his absence. Still, there is a sense that he has always been underappreciated with the Warriors — might those feelings affect his decision in free agency?

As for the comments by Wade and LeBron, it alludes to their own Championship stories. LeBron warns folks never to underestimate the heart of a Champion, sort of like how people have been forgetting him after his failed season with the Lakers.

Dwyane Wade knows a thing or two about sacrifice because it’s what he had to do to win a Championship with the Heat.

In any case, this Warriors win proves that you should never count these guys out — no matter who is out, or how flawed they look. Houston found that out the hard way.

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