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The Lakers have their coach, but how long will he remain? Coach Frank Vogel struck a three-year deal with the Lakers, but many are pointing at Jason Kidd’s hire as an assistant coach to indicate his job is far from secured.

Kidd was a name the Lakers were attached to all summer in their coaching search, but the team remained hesitant to offer him the top spot due to a previous record of domestic violence issues. They settled to make him an assistant under Vogel, which has caused most to think it is only a matter of time before he evidently takes over anyway, including Stephen A Smith, who said this about Kidd:

“You can expect Jason Kidd to be the next head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers in the next two years,” Smith said.

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This is exactly what the hell is going on in LA

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Besides the domestic violence, Kidd also has a history of taking over head coaching positions from the inside. Essentially, people fear that the hire of Kidd is essentially just grooming him to take over for Vogel later.

Why are the Lakers so attached to the former All-Star point guard? Simple: his relationship to LeBron James, and potential for developing Lonzo Ball’s game. The Lakers also give Jason Kidd significant credit for the player development of Giannis.

Whatever the case, his latest stint in L.A. has many confused and wondering what might be next for an organization who seems to be running blind right now.