(via Sports Illustrated)

There are not a lot of things the 76ers and Rockets have in common. Differing playstyles, opposite conferences, and different stars leading their teams — but they are both stuck in a rather frustrating gutter.

The Rockets have been trying for years to beat the Warriors, only to get eliminated in six games by the Dubs without Kevin Durant. Philly has been through years of rebuilds to assemble their roster and was hoping their core would be able to finally step up to expectations. Both teams failed, and both are in need of some serious roster shake-ups this summer.

In a surprising twist, Fox Sport’s Chris Broussard proposed a radical idea involving both teams striking a deal with each other.

The internet has not been kind to Broussard so far. The idea of trading 34-year-old Paul to 22-year-old Simmons seems a little ridiculous, especially considering Paul is due to make over 41.30 million over the next three years.

But if, even for a season, it could improve Philly’s chance at winning a Championship, might it be a move worth considering? No matter how serious this proposed deal is, you can expect some changes for both teams in the coming months.