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With the NBA Draft lottery taking place Tuesday, the Suns are hoping for the ping pong balls to land their way. If things go their way, they could be set to land Zion Williamson — the biggest draft prospect since LeBron James.

But might they be set to land another big name this summer?

Greg Moore and Duane Rankin of AZCentral.com, the possibility exists that the Suns could use former No. 1 overall pick DeAndre Ayton as the main trade chip to acquire Anthony Davis.

“I mean anything is possible… Monty Williams knows Anthony Davis. Monty Williams is here. I am sure he would like to continue that relationship or resume that relationship. Anthony Davis has grown as a player… and it might work. But, boy you are talking about trading away last year’s top pick whom you were building a franchise supposedly around.”

The Suns were certainly not a team Davis has indicated he would stay long-term in. Besides Devin Booker, they have yet to assemble a team capable of winning. But with Davis, and whatever other moves they can muster this summer, it might be enough to put them over the edge — especially if they end up with the #1 overall pick in the 2019 draft.

As for New Orleans, Ayton and whatever else they get would be a nice return for Davis. Would it be enough?

With Anthony Davis all but gone, and a new VP of Basketball Operations in place, it might just be.

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