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He was a headache for the team all season long, but Jimmy Butler proved his worth when it was all said and done. During the postseason, he was the only player that stepped up, and become their go-to scorer down the stretch.

In the end, it was Butler’s leadership and experience that helped Philly advance as far as they did.

It couldn’t have happened at a better time, either. As the 29-year-old star hits free-agency, his postseason play will play a major role in what he believes will be max contract offers this summer.

Jimmy Butler is certainly not on the same level as Durant, Kawhi, and other top free agents on the market. But if other desperate teams strike out on those top guys, they might use their remaining cap space on Butler.

Whether or not his talents are worthy of a max deal is still arguable, but he has earned the right to take whatever path he desires this summer — and he will have an impact on whatever roster he decides to join.

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