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Sans Kevin Durant, the Golden State Warriors are rediscovering the dominance they held in 2015. Steph, Klay, and Draymond have been unleashed at full power, and it has become more than evident that not only do the Warriors not need Durant, but they might even be better without him.

With free agency looming, this could be what pushed KD over the edge. For most, it will lead him to New York.

According to what one player told Colin Cowherd, that scenario is already a reality.

If Durant is recruiting players, then he has already made up his mind about signing in New York. Not only do the Knicks provide him the chance to run his own team, but it will also earn him a spotlight on the biggest stage in sports.

The question now becomes who will join him. Kyrie Irving is ready to turn over a new leaf and has been connected to KD all year long, but is he willing to play sidekick with Durant in New York?

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