One of the biggest stories of the current NBA season might be coming to its end as the Los Angeles Lakers and their maximum figure, LeBron James, are highly likely to continue working together amid all the rumors of his potential exit from the team, even if that happened via trade.

According to ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith, LBJ will continue as part of the Purple and Gold even though there are external agents rooting and working to get the man out of the Lakers.

“Jalen Rose said the same thing myself and even Max Kellerman said. [Rose said] ‘He should ask for a trade,'” ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith said on Monday’s Get Up. “In other words, we don’t know. We don’t believe that’s what LeBron James will do. Matter of fact, I’m told it’s not what he will do.

“I’m certainly told… the Lakers will not trade him either, even though there’s been people in Hollywood, not basketball people, but people in Hollywood in Jeanie Buss’ ear telling her, ‘Get rid of him. Trade him. Just rebuild because ya’ll ain’t going anywhere anyway.’ But again, he doesn’t have a no-trade clause, so you could conceivably move him. That’s not something they’re going to do. It’s not something he’s thinking about doing.”

Last offseason, James signed a four-year, $154 million contract with the Lakers, hoping to get the team back on track and failing tremendously at it. The Lakers (37-45) missed the playoffs for the sixth consecutive season, James missed the postseason since 2004-05 while at the same time, he spent the most extended injury absence of his career after straining his groin on Christmas.

The Californians are now involved in several storylines for this upcoming offseason, as they are trying to acquire Anthony Davis, find good assets in free agency and put things in order with the team’s management. Good thing for them is that they don’t have to worry about LeBron’s situation anymore and now they can put all their attention into the mess this team is right now.

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