(via Cleveland.com)

The 2019 Draft is going to shake up the league in monumental ways. With a slew of talented prospects, teams who make the right choice could find the stars they need to turn things around.

Today determines where each team lands in the upcoming draft, and now we have a better sense of what to expect come June 20th. The Lakers, Knicks, Pelicans, and Grizzlies are especially lucky.

Here are the results:

14th pick: Boston Celtics

13th pick: Miami Heat

12th pick: Charlotte Hornets

11th pick: Minnesota Timberwolves

10th pick: Atlanta Hawks

9th pick: Washington Wizards

8th pick: Atlanta Hawks

7th pick: Chicago Bulls

6th pick: Phoenix Suns

5th pick: Cleveland Cavaliers

4th pick: Los Angeles Lakers

3rd pick: New York Knicks

2nd pick: Memphis Grizzlies

1st pick: New Orleans Pelicans

For the Pelicans, it can have huge implications.

What happens with AD? How do the Lakers use that spot at #4? The lottery answered a lot of questions, but it also brought a lot more.