The NBA West Conference semifinals are part of the past now and we prepare to enter the decisive moments of the season. Following two series full of electrifying moments and drama, the Golden State Warriors (vs. Houston) and the Portland Trail Blazers (vs. Denver) are set to go at it in the Western Conference finals, when history will certainly be made.

One of the headlines of this matchup is the fact that the Warriors point guard Steph Curry and his younger brother, Portland Trail Blazers guard Seth Curry, will make history when they become the first brothers to go up against each other in the same conference finals. This has to be a motive of joy for their parents, but in terms of picking a side between their sons, that’s when things get hard.

According to their mother Sonya and father Dell, when the time of deciding who to root for, the Curry family plans to flip a coin before each game and let it determine who will wear the black and red, and who gets the blue and gold.

“We are flipping a coin every game,” Sonya Curry tells ESPN.

“Well, we have to flip to see who flips first,” Dell explained, per the AP. “There’s going to be a lot of coin flipping going on.”

The two protagonists of such a great moment have shown his excitement for this particular showdown, where the two of them will try to overcome one another and take their team to the promised land. However, it seems like their parents are the ones living the moment at best.

“It’s going to be fun,” Dell told ESPN. “It’s going to lessen our travel schedule. That’s the biggest thing. We’ve been traveling quite a bit. It’s been fun, it’s been tiresome, but it’s about ready to get real now.

“It’s going to be so much fun,” Sonya says. “It is. From our end, to see both of our sons to compete at this level and for the goal to be a championship is such a blessing. We never could imagine this.

“One of them might go home. But we’re going to the championship!”

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