(via NBC Sports)

The 2019 Draft lottery sent shockwaves throughout the league. The Knicks, Lakers, and Grizzlies landed top 4 picks, while the Pelicans lucked out the most with the first. Other than making predictions on where these players will land, there are more implications we can make from the results of the lottery on Tuesday night.

By season’s end, the Suns, Knicks, Mavs, and Cavs had the worst records and were given the league’s best odds at the #1 overall pick with a 14% chance. In the end, none of the teams really had all that much to show for their losing — unfortunately for them.

Utah center Rudy Gobert alluded to that much in a recent tweet.

Will this draft discourage tanking? It certainly did nothing for the worst teams this year, as none of them will end up with the prize they wanted. With no real assurance of rewarding the losers, it should have an effect on how determined teams are to throw games throughout the season. For Rudy Gobert, and thousands of fans who stand against the idea of tanking, it is music to their ears.