This NBA season wasn’t precisely the best and happiest for the Boston Celtics, who were amid controversy throughout the entire campaign, becoming a hot topic to discuss for everybody. One of the main focus of those polemics was Kyrie Irving and the way he managed himself and how he tried to lead the team.

Kyrie’s comeback was supposed to take this team to the next level, but it did the complete opposite and now he’s getting all the critics for the bad season the C’s had.

One of Boston’s players who suffered the most following Irving’s return was Terry Rozier, who didn’t hesitate to show his discomfort once the Celtics got eliminated offering some big statements to Yahoo Sports.

Rozier had the chance to appear on ESPN’s First Take on Tuesday and explained how things went down for the team even though the expectations were high on them and why he thinks he sacrificed his talent this season.

“I felt like (…) we didn’t go out there and execute the game plan how we wanted to, so, I felt like we had to make an adjustment, we had to change the lineup and then we just couldn’t get things right.”

“I feel like along with the coaches treating Gordon [Hayward] and Kyrie, I wouldn’t say different than everybody else, but I just feel like they treated them like they was on that level where there were no adjustments that could be made because they are who they are,” he said. “We never figured it out. We never figured it out after that.”

When he was asked about what exactly was that he sacrificed this term, Rozier replied:

“I sacrificed, you know, obviously my talent, I think the most. Me being out there, given my full style of play, how Terry Rozier play, I feel like I couldn’t be that person this year.”

“Obviously in the shadow of some guys I felt like — the ball was in either Kyrie or Gordon Hayward’s hands most of the time, so I felt like either Terry Rozier was in the corner or just on the bench.”

Moreover, the 25-year-old point guard stated that if the team comes back with the same roster next season, he might be leaving TD Center, given the fact that he will be a restricted free agent.

“No, I might have to go. I might have to go. I put up with a lot this year so I said what I said after this season. I think we all know I’m not trying to step into that again,” he said.

The Celtics’ season was full of drama and that doesn’t seem to be changing in the near future, as this is only the beginning of the rollercoaster they’re about to get on. They have plenty of things to figure out before the next season and that could change the present and the future of the organization if they don’t make the right moves.