The NBA Lottery Draft was announced today with a surprising result, the New Orleans Pelicans being selected as the team to have the number one pick of the 2019 NBA Draft.

It’s certainly a surprise for many, that includes top prospect, Zion Williamson who was very interested in playing for the New York Knicks.

According to Mark J. Spears, Zion Williamson was quick to leave the room when finding out the result because he had his heart set on New York.

It’s almost certain that the Pelicans will select Zion Williamson as the number one pick of the draft. Before the lottery, New Orleans came in with the seventh-highest odds of securing the No.1 draft pick, it gives them a shot at recruiting one of the greatest college basketball players that we’ve seen in recent time.

Rounding out the top four draft picks are the Memphis Grizzlies with pick 2, the New York Knicks with pick 3 and surprisingly the Los Angeles Lakers snagging pick 4. It sure was a terrible surprise for the likes of the Cavaliers and Suns who ended up slipping to picks 5 and 6 even though they had incredible odds coming into this.

Another big question that has to be asked is whether or not having Zion Williamson on the list can change Anthony Davis’ mind on leaving the franchise. The All-Star big man requested a trade during the season and could very well find himself on a team such as the Celtics this offseason. One could imagine just how strong of a pair Davis and Williamson could become if they both play out their career in New Orleans.

The Duke sensation had to this say:

“It’s a lot to take in. I don’t know where I’m going to be,” Williamson said, noting that he won’t officially know where he will be playing until the NBA Draft.

“Whatever that team needs me to do, I’m going to be able to do it.”

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