Albeit the NBA lottery is part of the past now, the aftermath of the event has just started to take place. We witnessed how the New York Knicks lost the chance to get the first overall pick on Tuesday night and now the New Orleans Pelicans are the ones with the opportunity to land all-hyped Zion Williamson next June 20.

Nonetheless, there have been several rumors on whether Williamson will decide to play for the Pelicans or take a different path, creating all kinds of scenarios where the player could be. Apparently, Zion wanted to play for the New York Knicks and now that he’s highly unlikely to arrive at the Big Apple, maybe Williamson will change his plan to play in the association this season.

According to ESPN reporter Brian Windhorst, Williamson has the option of returning to Duke given the fact he hasn’t signed with an NBA agent or a shoe deal yet.

Now, this would be extremely shocking, as he would be turning down a team willing to give him everything he’d need in order to succeed led by a great GM in the name of David Griffin. This is very unlikely, but we’ve seen in the past players demanding to be traded because they got drafted by a team they didn’t like. Of course, the most recent cases (Danny Ferry in 1989 and Steve Francis in 1999) decided not to play for the team that originally drafted them and went to play for a completely different organization.

Perhaps instead of going back to college, Williamson will ask to be traded from New Orleans, but right now Zion seems to be cool with his fate and his highly likely new team. The NBA draft gets closer and closer and speculation increases as the days go by; this Zion Williamson rumors won’t stop any time soon.