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The 2019 Draft lottery yielded some interesting results. The Suns, Mavs, Cavs, and Bulls tanked all year only to end up outside of the top 4. Meanwhile, both the Knicks and the Lakers landed with top 5 picks, marking a very exciting time for the two most lucrative franchises in the NBA.

What captured headlines the most, however, were the New Orleans Pelicans. They won the first overall pick, but it seems folks are more disappointed than anything else. Rather then fan-favorite and sure-fire #1 pick Zion Williamson landing in a place like L.A. or New York, he will likely play for the Pelicans, who are one of the lowest market teams in the league, and who have struggled their entire existence to make use of what little All-Star talent has come their way.

On his Fox Sports radio show, Colin Cowherd even went so far as to say Zion should take action to avoid playing for the Pelicans.

Technically, there is nothing officially stopping Zion from pulling himself from the draft. He has up until 10 days before draft day to change his mind. If he really didn’t want to play for NOLA, he could either return to Duke, take a year off and train on his own or even play overseas and come back in 2020.

So is it something Zion might actually do? Well, we will find out soon enough.

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