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Say what you want, you never will be boring when talking about the NBA. The association right now has a lot of things going on, including the Conference Finals and all the things that have been said about the upcoming offseason, but, that’s not what some fans have been talking about in recent hours, as there is always a chance to see a darker background in the tiniest thing you can see in this league.

Last Sunday Kawhi Leonard hit a last-second shot that sent his Toronto Raptors to the Eastern Conference Finals against the Philadelphia 76ers, but just when everything looked to be forgotten, conspiracy theorists show up and start making crazy statements on how magnets took Kawhi’s shot to go inside the basket.

That’s right, they took to YouTube and explained in detail why magnets were the reason that ball fell inside the hoop.

Of course, this sounds as crazy as it is, but for some people, these folks need to be taught about how all that happened. Deadspin’s Dan McQuade took some time and reached out two Philadelphia physicists to know their personal thoughts on the shot:

“It went in because Leonard put an unusually high trajectory on the ball to get over (Joel) Embiid’s outstretched arm,” said Dr. Michael Vogeley, the associate department head for graduate studies at Drexel University’s physics department. “Usually, a front-rim shot clanks off or skips over. Here it bounces almost straight up.

“The horizontal momentum toward the rim is almost exactly canceled by the effect of angular momentum of backspin when it hits the rim. There’s just enough momentum toward the rim center that, after three more bounces, it settles in.”

Besides, Vice-chair of Temple University’s physics department Bernd Surrow told Deadspin that it’s “very likely” that the ball went in because of “an increased level of friction during a reflection of the ball since the ball was spinning.”

Some people don’t know how to deal with defeat very well, but now you see it, it wasn’t the magnets.

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