The Portland Trail Blazers were about to steal the victory from Oracle Arena in front of the Golden State Warriors and tie the series with one game apiece, but they failed tremendously at it, as the Trail Blazers had a great first half of the game and then all of a sudden became unresponsive when the Warriors started their comeback.

It was a hell of a game, full of emotions and very good plays, but when the clutch time arrived, that was when things started to fall apart for Terry Stotts and his pupils. Both teams were back and forth in the second half of the game, giving us one of the most memorable games in recent times in the association; however, the way Portland played in the last few minutes and how the definite outcome of the match was decided left plenty of things to think for fans and experts.

With 10 seconds on the clock, Damian Lillard took the ball and when he attempted to shoot, Andre Iguodala blocked the shot, stole the ball and put definitive numbers on the scoreboard. It was a really good game with an even better ending.

Nevertheless, Dame took the post-game conference to state how he felt with the result of the game and how it was decided. Lillard even dared to say he felt ‘there was a lot of contact’ from Andre Iguodala in that last play of the game and the ref should have called it.

“It’s a tough position for the referees to be in, to make a call at that point in the game…I felt like there was contact, a lot of contact”

Perhaps if they had made better choices in the last 5 minutes of the game, we wouldn’t be here talking about this specific moment of the match, but seeing how bad some of the Trail Blazers played in the last seconds and the poor decisions they made, things are very different than they appeared to be at some point of the game.

Portland left this game slip and even though they have the chance to tie everything in the next two encounters at Moda Center, maybe a loss as hurtful as this one is something they won’t be able to recover from.

Even Kevin Durant roasted them at the end of the game, stating they don’t look like they want to go to the NBA Finals.