Former NBA-star Lamar Odom has recently opened up about personal struggle with drug and sex addiction that nearly ruined his life.

In Odom’s new memoir, ‘Darkness to Light’, the former basketball star admitted:

“I have been obsessed with sex for as long as I can remember.”

Lamar Odom then continued on to reveal that he has had sex with over 2,000 women, an incredible amount, especially since the majority of those women would have come in a very short period of time.

“There were too many strippers to count,” he writes. “It wasn’t a big deal, but often I would pay them. I never thought less of them.”

During that time, Lamar Odom was married to celebrity Khloe Kardashian for a total of four years before they split up in 2013. Odom went on to reveal that he cheated on Khloe on multiple occasions when the pair were together.

“I was shocked and embarrassed,” Odom told PEOPLE in an exclusive interview. “I wanted to take it back, but you can’t. [I] wanted to hide it. But that sick sin was hard for me to hide … I had a problem.”

Odom’s addiction to sex was one of the main reasons why he became so addicted to drugs. It was an influence and a ‘trigger’ as he described, Odom enjoyed on doubling up that feeling by having both.

One of the biggest turning points of his life was when he overdosed and almost died in a brothel in Las Vegas. It was worldwide news and thankfully it was something that helped him turn his life around.

“That was the wake-up call,” says Odom. “Like, this can’t happen again.”

Darkness to Light is out in stores on the 28th of May.