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Tobias Harris is not a name that pops out on the roster sheet, but his impact on the court is huge. In Philadelphia, he gave them a lethal offensive game that helped relieve the pressure off their main stars. But as is the case with a number of high-profile players, he will be hitting free agency in just a few months.

Zach Buckley of Bleacher Report, one of his potential destinations could be the Brooklyn Nets — but they shouldn’t be considered the favorites.

“The Nets would fill two voids with Harris, who could serve as a power forward and a scoring sidekick to either D’Angelo Russell or a second top-shelf free agent. Harris could shine in Atkinson’s three-heavy offense, both as a perimeter splasher and a shot-creator who’d benefit from the extra breathing room. But Brooklyn might not have the stoppers to cover up Harris’ deficiencies at the defensive end, and the team’s timeline could be a tick behind his own. That might sound like nitpicking, but it’s just enough to create separation between the Nets and the top team in these rankings.”

With D’Angelo, Brooklyn has emerged as a rising threat in the East. Tobias could help them move another leg up, but their attention will be elsewhere.

With Durant, Kyrie, and Kawhi all reported to have some interest in the franchise, Brooklyn will be spending its energy to acquire one of the bigger fish. Plus, they will have to worry about one of their own — D’Angelo Russell — hitting the market as well.

All in all, Harris‘ future is a bit murky, and there is no promise he will return to Philly next season. While the Nets remain a possibility, their options remain open as well.

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