The 2019 NBA lottery draft has dramatically changed things for many franchises including the Los Angeles Lakers who now officially have the number four draft pick.

This puts the Lakers in a great position to be aggressive in this postseason, with the fourth draft pick, he may be able to attract a quality free agent or two. The Lakers have recently struggled to find another star to stand alongside LeBron James and turn this team into a contender. There’s certainly been a lot of talk about the Lakers wanting to target players such as Kawhi Leonard since it’s rumored that he wants to return home to the Los Angeles.

However, if things don’t work out for the Lakers, they may have an opportunity to look at picking up Washington Wizards’ All-Star Bradley Beal.

“Bradley Beal could maybe be in play for the Lakers right there,” NBC Sports Washington’s Chris Miller said Tuesday night on the Wizards Talk podcast.

“If [the Lakers] strike out on all of those [top-tier free agents] and they need an All-Star and they need a two guard, Bradley Beal is a whole hell of a lot better than Jarrett Culver.”

Jarrett Culver is someone who the Lakers are considering to draft with the fourth draft pick but if they choose to trade that pick, they could certainly find a better value.

The Lakers also have a wide range of young talented players who could be used as trade bait, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, and Brandon Ingram could all easily be on the table. This was proven when the franchise made a bold move for the Pelicans’ superstar Anthony Davis, the Lakers were willing to give up just about anything but LeBron James to make a deal with New Orleans.

The Washington Wizards would have plenty to think about too if the Lakers came to them with an offer, Bradley Beal may soon be eligible for a supermax extension contract that would add up to an incredible 35 percent of the Wizards cap space. Along with All-Star John Wall, this would be two Wizards players who own 70 percent of the team’s cap space.

However, if they do give up Beal to the Lakers, the Wizards will sure be looking to gain some serious rewards for him.

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