It was a year to forget for LeBron James in terms of the Los Angeles Lakers season performance, after all the hype, the franchise still managed to miss out on the playoffs in a season full of injuries.

LeBron was the center of controversy back in January this year when he watched on from the sidelines as the Warriors blew away the Lakers.

While he was watching on, viewers noticed an attractive woman in the seat just behind him which led to plenty of questions about who she was and if LeBron had helped her get such good seats.

It was soon revealed that the woman was fitness model and personal trainer Melody Morales, even though a lot of social media believed that she could be a mistress of the four-time MVP.

Morales has finally spoken out about the incident with her own version of “The Shop”, she explained a lot of people labeled her as both a stalker and a mistress before any truth was revealed.

The full interview is down below on Youtube.

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