(via ABC)

In the wake of Kevin Durant’s absence, Stephen Curry is reminding everyone why he is a 2x NBA MVP.

Steph has taken over the game in the six games Durant has missed, and the Warriors have been undefeated in that stretch.

His dominance is causing many to re-think his placement among the NBA’s greatest players. As folks continue to argue, Andre Iguodala (who has had a front-row seat to the Curry show) insists that he is actually the second best player ever, behind the great Michael Jordan.

Here were his words exactly, per Marcus Thompson II of The Athletic:

“I think he’s the second-best ever.

I always thought that about him. I knew, but other people didn’t know.”

While Curry’s defensive abilities leave much to be desired, his impact on the other side of the court is polarizing in a way the league has never seen before. His shooting stroke literally changed the league.

It is true that the Warriors find their success in more than the antics of Curry, but without him, they are not nearly at the same level. Bottom line is, no matter your opinions on the superstar if he wins his fourth Championship (and maybe a Finals MVP to go along with it), he is forcing himself into a conversation very few have the honor of being included in.