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If anything has been made clear about the Los Angeles Lakers this past week, it’s their current state of dysfunction. The franchise is being run by leaders who do not trust each other, who do not communicate with each other, and who do not stay in their lane.

One example that was pointed out by Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus happened during the Anthony Davis trade talks in February when Magic apparently offered more in the package then what was originally communicated to Jeanie.

According to someone familiar with the situation, the disconnect stems back to the trade deadline. Johnson apparently offered the New Orleans Pelicans more in a trade for All-Star forward Anthony Davis (notably Lonzo Ball) than had been communicated with Buss.

In other words, the heart of the Lakers’ rift revolved around offering Lonzo Ball in a trade to the Pelicans. Apparently, Jeanie did not appreciate being left out of the loop of Johnson’s tactics — which may be why she broadened her board of decision makers and advisors within the organization.

The bigger question is: will Jeanie be willing to deal Lonzo now? If the Lakers strike out on top free agents, a deal for Anthony Davis might be their last chance to make things right. Jeanie must be willing to let go of Lonzo if she wants to secure one of the best big men in the league.

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