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Brooklyn may have lucked out making the playoffs in an ultra-weak Eastern Conference, but it won’t be by luck if they land a top-tier free agent this summer. They are building a winning culture, have solid pieces for the future, and have proven themselves to be a team capable of holding their own in one of the biggest sports markets in the world.

This will come in handy when recruiting players via free agency, but their strategic stack of assets may also be handy in the trade market as well. Together, Brooklyn is trying to put together a master plan — one that involves bringing two names to the Nets this summer.

If Kyrie is swayed by tales of saving a dying basketball city, the Nets would ideally have a number of options with D’Angelo Russell. They could always re-sign him to close to the max — he is a restricted free agent, and opposing teams will have to beat out Brooklyn’s offer to acquire him.

They could also trade him. A sign and trade deal might be the perfect package for Anthony Davis. A Russell/Holiday backcourt would be the stuff of legends in NOLA.

No doubt, bearing all possibilities in mind, it will be a crucial summer for the Nets. If they play things right, they could end up as Championship contenders before it’s all said and done.

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