Many folks have attributed the Kristaps Porzingis trade as a sign Kevin Durant was on his way to town. After all, why trade your only franchise player for cap-space?

But instead of trading him in preparation of a roster overhaul, maybe the Knicks dealt him because KP gave them no choice.

That is certainly what Knicks GM Steve Mills suggested when he revealed what the Latvian star said to the organization in the days before he was traded.

It makes sense why Porzingis was dealt so suddenly if he really gave the Knicks a seven-day deadline. They ultimately found a decent-enough trade, but most believe they could have gotten more had they given more time to hear the offers out.

What does it say about the franchise, though, that Kristaps was willing to go back to Europe in order to get away from the Knicks? Their dysfunction, losing, and lethargic attitude has plagued the team for years, stemming all the way from their owner James Dolan, who many recognize as the worst executive in the league.

Nonetheless, these are the things they will have to overcome if they are to sign a premier free-agent this summer and beyond.

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