Everything that could have gone wrong for the Los Angeles Lakers this season, did go wrong. The franchise who missed out on yet another playoffs series is currently facing a lot of dysfunction within the team. Rumors about LeBron James’ future in Los Angeles has also been brought up with some believing he could even be traded if things got worse.

The good news for Lakers fans is that LeBron has no intention of playing anywhere other than the Lakers and wants to finish his career wearing the yellow and purple.

According to The Athletic’s Joe Vardon, the four-time MVP is deeply committed to his new team and wouldn’t consider ever moving.

“He is so happy to be living in Los Angeles,” Vardon said on his “Tampering” podcast. “This is where they want to be. LeBron does not want to play anywhere else. I would be shocked if at any point for the remainder of his career, so long as LeBron James Jr. is in high school in Greater Los Angeles, that he would have any interest in playing anywhere else.”

When LeBron moved from the Cavaliers to the Lakers at the age of 34, some believed that this could be the foundation of bringing the championship trophy back home to L.A.

Unfortunately, everything has gone wrong for the franchise and LeBron himself, Magic Johnson who recruited the superstar from Cleveland recently resigned and the franchise failed to recruit their number one target of Anthony Davis. Not only that, missing out on the playoffs for the sixth straight season and backing out of a deal with James’ old coach has also added to the Lakers misery.

With all that going on, it’s a massive sigh of relief for fans knowing that LeBron James isn’t going anywhere.