(via The Mercury News)

Scottie Pippen, besides being a great NBA Champion, is known for his more outlandish basketball takes. He has uttered a lot of head-scratching statements over the years, but his latest comments on Steph Curry are not one of them.

After the kind of series Steph put on display, he is making a case for why he belongs amongst the top players of all time. Check out what Scottie had to say after Curry’s most recent stretch:

In the Western Conference Finals, Curry averaged over 35 points per game en route to a 5th straight Finals appearance.

Curry sacrificed his game for the sake of integrating Durant, yes, but when he needs to step up he always delivers to remind everyone just how great he is.

If the guard ends up with a fourth ring and a Finals MVP, who is to say he cannot be a part of the GOAT point guard conversation? Curry and the Warriors are already well on their way to making history, but they have one more opponent to defeat before earning the honor.

And for Curry, how much of a back seat will he take when Kevin Durant returns? Time will tell, but — either way — we best not forget what the Splash Brother is capable of.