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LeBron James has started with his recruiting efforts this summer, calling up two of the hottest names on the market in hopes of securing a second star for the franchise.

As Kawhi and the Raptors inch closer to an NBA Finals berth, Jimmy Butler is sitting at home taking it all in from the couch. In terms of striking a long-term deal with LeBron in L.A., Butler stands as the most realistic option. Not only does he have an enormous amount of respect for LeBron, but he seems to be fine with taking a sidekick role as long as he gets his money.

In the latest update provided by Arash Markazi, a max-contract offer would be enough to guarantee Butler’s arrival in Lakerland.

Ideally, Jimmy Butler would be the perfect fit for the Lakers. Alongside Lonzo, Ingram, and LeBron, they would have a defensively elite lineup. Butler can also create his own shot on the offensive end that can help relieve pressure from LeBron James and add some more scoring depth on the perimeter.

He might not be the top choice, but the Lakers could certainly do a whole lot worse.

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