It was a frustrating way for the Houston Rockets to be eliminated from the 2019 playoffs series, going down once again to the Golden State Warriors.

After their Game 6 loss against the Warriors side that was missing two-time Finals MVP, Kevin Durant. Houston’s two big named stars in James Harden and Chris Paul were criticized after the match with their lack of impact and not being able to lead their team into the Western Conference Finals.

According to Shams Charania, this all led to a “verbal exchange” between Harden and Paul where they announced their frustrations with each other. Sources close to the two stars say that it got heated in the locker rooms before Chris Paul then did a postgame press conference.

Unfortunately, we can’t know what exactly was said since it was all done behind closed doors but it certainly makes the series loss a little uglier.

Charania also mentioned that Chris Paul was unhappy with Mike D’Antoni’s offense and that it seemed fairly stagnant over the course of the season. It’ something that may definitely need looking at since the Rockets still seem a fair way off an ultimate championship.

It’s the second year in a row that the Rockets have been knocked out of the playoffs by the Warriors, they’ll be looking for a much different result in next seasons playoffs series.

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