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If you remember, before LeBron made his decision in the summer of 2018, one of his “friends” Cuffs the Legend predicted he would end up with the Los Angeles Lakers. Folk waved it off as nonsense back then, but it only took a couple of months for that prediction to come out as true.

This time, Cuffs is at it again, and it has not to do with LeBron James, but one of his former teammates who may be headed to Laker land this summer:

The post only contains the caption “I like how this feels,” hinting that either Cuffs wants Kyrie in L.A., or he already knows Kyrie is headed there. Oh and, to add some more juice to the story, LeBron James liked the post as well — again, meaning either James is trying to tell Kyrie he wants him there or he is teasing fans of what is bound to come.

The notion of a LeBron/Uncle Drew reunion has picked up steam in recent weeks, with one report claiming that the door is being “cracked more open by the day.” It has also been revealed that Irving has been talking to people about the possibility of joining the Lakers, including 5x Lakers Champion Kobe Bryant.

As free-agency draws closer, Kyrie, LeBron, and the Lakers will no doubt take a longer look at each other as they consider a long-term partnership.

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