It is not a secret all the things Lionel Messi has done for Barcelona and how important he is in the history of the club, but no matter how good he is right now, he keeps aging and at some point that one explosive and unbalancing player he was once would be gone, leaving Barcelona without his maximum figure and probably a lot of struggles.

That’s why the club has already planned what to do after Messi decides to step away from them and the solution is as exciting as surprising for many. The Catalans have targeted one of the most prominent youngsters in the world right now and if they pull off such a move, the future will be nothing but bright for the Spanish giants; however, that won’t be easy, and that’s why the club is preparing a mega offer to steal this star in the making.

According to Diario GOL, Barcelona will intend to sign the World Cup winner and Paris Saint-Germain superstar Kylian Mbappe in order to replace their idol. Both Mbappe and his teammate Neymar have been linked to a move out Paris in recent months, even though most reports indicated Real Madrid was the favorite club to get one out of the two or both players.

It is rumored that Real Madrid might be spending €500 million in order to get the two players, but Barcelona has a different plan and it’s as interesting as seeing Los Blancos paying half a billion euros for two of the best footballers in the world.

The Blaugrana will go all in to make Mbappe Messi’s successor during the summer. The club is willing to offer 160 million euros plus two players: Philippe Coutinho, who’s been just awful since he got from Liverpool, and, the potentially outgoing midfielder Ivan Rakitic would be included in the negotiation, as well.

For the last couple of months people have been talking about how good or bad Mbappe would fare in Real Madrid, but a move to Barcelona might be as interesting to the Frenchman; we have to wait how this will end up, as the upcoming summer transfer window looks more interesting as it gets closer.

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