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As the Raptors embark on a trip to the NBA Finals, the concern regarding the future of their star continues to linger. In a summer blockbuster trade, DeMar DeRozan was sent to the Spurs for Kawhi, who was only on contract through the 2018/19 season.

And now, with a maximum of 7 games left on the season, the team is wondering whether their newfound success is long-term or temporary. In an Instagram video posted by Kawhi’s sister Miesha Slayton, Canada fans may have received a hint regarding the future of their star.

She has since deleted the video after it caused widespread speculation online. The source behind the quote has yet to be discovered, and everybody in Kawhi’s camp has denied any truth to the rumors.

But Kawhi’s commitment to the Raptors remains doubtful, even after their post-season success. Was the mysterious source giving a sneak peek into the future of Kawhi’s upcoming decision, or was it really just nonsense talk by someone in his camp?

Time will tell.