Kawhi Leonard has taken the Toronto Raptors to their first NBA Finals appearance in the team’s history after eliminating the Milwaukee Bucks on six games on Saturday night. Things look pretty good for the Raptors, who are going to face the Golden State Warriors in the Finals, starting on Thursday night.

However, there are still things to discuss on the Canadians’ future and how the team will look like the next season. The biggest question regarding the team is what will happen with their maximum star Kawhi Leonard; Kawhi has been just great this postseason and even though he’s focused on doing the best for his current team, people are still speculating about his free agency.

In recent hours a deleted video that could confirm the exit of Kawhi from Toronto surfaced and now there are more things to talk about on this subject, but for some people, this is not the end of this story.

According to one analyst, Leonard’s destination will be between three teams this free agency.

FOX Sports 1’s Cris Carter, who has shared an agent with Leonard, says this is going to be a competition between the Knicks or the Lakers unless the great campaign of Toronto gets him and he decides to stay at Scotiabank Arena.

“Toronto does have a chance, so does New York, and so do the Clippers because he’s playing in Toronto and he is a loyalty guy, they might have a slight edge, but those other two teams got real possibilities,” he said.

Besides, the Lakers are still part of the conversation and even LeBron James is doing some recruiting work; though, the Kawhi move might be harder to carry out for them since some reports have indicated Leonard doesn’t want to play alongside LBJ.

So far Leonard has remained quiet on his free agency and nobody actually knows what he’s thinking or what he’s going to decide on his future.