(via The Nation)

For the first time in 8 years, LeBron James is not preparing for an NBA Finals series. What is he doing with his extra time? Besides preparing his body for his 16th season, he is taking advantage of a free Memorial Day by throwing a house party.

In a video released by the Lakers star, it shows several other NBA stars including CP3, and Russ, celebrating with LeBron.

LeBron James seems to be enjoying himself this summer — it’s the first one he has had off in quite some time. But are Memorial day house parties and post-season absences the new norm for James?

When he came to Los Angeles, most were hesitant to give the Lakers the same success LeBron-led teams have had in the past. Ultimately those doubters were proved right, as injuries and young players derailed a once-hopeful season.

Even more so, it was the dysfunction in the front office that has doomed the franchise. Jeanie Buss, Magic Johnson, and others had a bit of a power struggle in the front-office that Magic distanced himself from in an abrupt press-conference in which he announced his resignation from the team.

Now, Kurt and Linda Rambis appear to be running the franchise, along with Rob Pelinka who has been perceived as a liar from those around the association. If LeBron isn’t careful, he might find himself in a position to throw another Memorial Day party next year.

It will take a lot for him and the Lakers to rebound from the disaster currently unfolding in Lakerland.