(via The Dream Shake)

News of Houston’s star-studded problem is the latest in a long line of summer stories. It might be one of the most important, too.

Houston has not only hit a wall in their potential, but they have also encountered chemistry issues. The relationship between James Harden and Chris Paul is strained, and the Rockets are dangling CP3 in trade talks to fix it.

What we didn’t realize was that Harden may have been hinting at his breakup with Paul during his final post-game interview of the season — at least, that what some fans have suggested.

In the interview, one media member asks Harden what they have to do to beat Golden State, to which the 2018 MVP provides a very interesting and cryptic response:

“I know what we need to do. I know exactly what we need to do. We’ll figure it out this summer.” 

There is no evidence supporting this, but could James have been referring to Chris Paul? Might his “solution” have involved ousting his teammate from the roster?

In two seasons together, the chemistry between the stars has only worsened. The 2018/19 season began with the Rockets near the bottom. They eventually rebounded to finish 4th in the West but were eliminated fairly easy in six games by the Warriors, as opposed to 7 the year prior.

Reports also indicate an altercation between the stars following their Game 6 loss.

The circumstances are certainly questionable, especially because of the way Harden seemed so sure about his Warriors-beating strategy. It will be interesting to see whether or not they can work out their differences or if they are headed towards a dramatic split.