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The NBA Finals is around the corner right now, and as the big day approaches, NBA fans try to come up with fun facts and records related to the big event to kill some time before the series begins.

In recent days we have learned about some streaks and records that will continue their course these finals like the one involving Shaq teammates playing in the finals, but there is another one that is extremely interesting, as well, and unlike Shaq’s, it involves only four players who by the way, are some of the best in their respective positions.

What is this record? Well, ever since 1998 the NBA Finals has had one of the likes of Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Dwyane Wade or Stephen Curry playing for the Larry O’Brien. Albeit Kobe, Duncan and Wade are retired now, Curry can still extend this sort of streak on behalf of the other three.

Just in case anybody’s wondering how this happened or can’t remember specific finals, here is the list:

1999: Tim Duncan

2000: Kobe Bryant

2001: Kobe Bryant

2002: Kobe Bryant

2003: Tim Duncan

2004: Kobe Bryant

2005: Tim Duncan

2006: Dwyane Wade

2007: Tim Duncan

2008: Kobe Bryant

2009: Kobe Bryant

2010: Kobe Bryant

2011: Dwyane Wade

2012: Dwyane Wade

2013: Dwyane Wade and Tim Duncan

2014: Dwyane Wade and Tim Duncan

2015: Stephen Curry

2016: Stephen Curry

2017: Stephen Curry

2018: Stephen Curry

2019: Stephen Curry