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Lionel Messi will go down in history as one of the best footballers of all time, as the Argentinian has displayed all the best of his game with Barcelona, enchanting every football fan with his performances. Albeit he’s a very good player, Messi has needed some help from teammates in the past, players who took La Pulga to become the successful player he is right now.

Luckily for Lionel, he’s had some of the best passers and assistants in the game playing alongside him, making life easier for the forward, who hasn’t stopped scoring and bringing joy to Barcelona ever since he made his debut. Therefore, we’re going to take a look at some of the best players Messi had the honor to play in the Catalonian side.

Here is our top 10 list of the best Lionel Messi teammates.

Honorable Mention: Cesc Fabregas


10. Deco

Deco only played four seasons with Barcelona, but the things this central midfielder did with the club left a mark in the club after he joined Chelsea. He was in charge of the midfield while he was part of the Blaugrana thanks to his vision and tactical intelligence, leading the team to achieve big things and helping a young Lionel Messi to develop when they were teammates.

Perhaps if Deco stayed with the team, he would be sitting on a higher spot on this list, but even though he had a short spell at Camp Nou, the Brazilian-born Portuguese player has good memories from his times in Barcelona playing alongside Messi.


9. Gerard Pique

Perhaps Pique has had some crazy episodes that costed Barcelona important games in the past and earned the center-back a lot of criticism, but nobody doubts that the relationship Pique has with Messi is a special one.

They have played several games together and have won plenty of titles in Barcelona, sometimes being the most important players on the pitch for their side. Albeit Pique is not having his best time right now, he remains as one of Messi’s favorite teammates and that won’t change any time soon.


8. Neymar Jr.

Sure, everybody knows how things ended between Neymar and Barcelona, especially knowing that Messi was the main reason for the Brazilian’s departure, but nobody can tell they didn’t create a great attacking trio with Luis Suarez while Ney was part of the Blaugrana.

Neymar set up more goals for Messi than any other team-mate during his spell at the club, as they went to win three Copa del Rey, two La Liga, a Spanish Supercup, one Champions League, and a Club World Cup. Yes, Neymar left the team because he didn’t want to be the second guy in the team behind Messi, but now people wonder what could have happened if the former Santos star would have stuck around.


7. Jordi Alba

This Spanish left-back has had a tremendous career ever since he landed in Barcelona. Alba went from being a very good player in his beginnings with the Spanish side to become the perfect partner for Lio Messi at this very moment.

Alba and Messi have created a great association in the last two seasons or so, with the former Valencia player assisting Lio in plenty of occasions, showing chemistry that not so much duos have nowadays. At the end of his career, maybe Alba can be considered a top-5 player in this list.


6. Samuel Eto’o

The things Samuel Eto’o and Lio Messi did together often get unnoticed by most fans. When Barcelona lost Ronaldinho and broke one of the best trios in European football at that moment, Messi and Eto’o stood up and started delivering for the Catalans.

Not even sharing touches with French legend Thierry Henry made any of these players slow down their pace. For instance, they were the ones who scored the pair of goals that helped Barcelona win the Champions League title back in 2009 and start their quest to win their famous sextuple, even though Eto’o wasn’t with the team when the accolade was achieved.


5. Ronaldinho

When Barcelona decided to sell Ronaldinho to Milan, every football fan was wondering what would have happened if the Brazilian stayed at Camp Nou. He was expected to lead Messi to become the best player on earth, but none of that happened at the end.

Fortunately, Messi reached his maximum potential without the Brazilian around, but it remains as a big question the things they two would have done if Dinho didn’t face so many problems during his last months with the club. Still, they managed to have great performances while they had the chance to share touches and now they consider each other one of the best players they have played with.


4. Luis Suarez

Luis Suarez is Messi’s best partner in crime at this moment, as the Uruguayan and the Argentinian show a big chemistry on the pitch, trashing rivals week after week. Perhaps this is why players like Coutinho, Dembele or Malcolm have failed in their intends to earn a spot in the squad starting lineup.

Suarez and Messi have combined to make beautiful goals after majestic plays and have led Barcelona to increased their national dominance, even though in Europe the history has been different since 2015. Suarez is a very good friend of Messi and you can notice that on the pitch, as the things they do together are impressive.


3. Dani Alves

Nobody doubts about the great connection Dani Alves had with Messi ever since they started to play together. The Brazilian right-back became one of the best assistants for Lio throughout his tenure in Catalonia and the Argentinian certainly misses him since he left the team back in 2016.

Alves is well remembered by how a great defender he was in Barcelona, something odd considering he’s Brazilian and wing-backs from that country don’t defend pretty well. Dani demonstrated he was a different player and made Barcelona’s supporters love him, as well as Messi, who always showed a good connection with him.


2. Xavi Hernandez

One of the biggest legends in Barcelona’s history, Xavi Hernandez, is also one of the best teammates that Messi has had in his career. Hernandez led Barcelona alongside Messi and Andres Iniesta to start the most successful time of their history.

His passing skills, the way he distributed the ball and how he calculated the game made Xavi one of the best midfielders of all time. Even nowadays he’s still displaying his quality overseas, nobody doubts that the stuff he did for Barcelona changed the history of the team, as well as Lio’s.

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1. Andres Iniesta

Messi certainly had very good teammates, but no one was more helpful for the Argentinian than Andres Iniesta. Iniesta made his debut with the first team at a very young age, just like Messi; little they knew that both players were going to make the club one of the best in the world with the great association they made.

Even Messi’s haters said the Argentinian would be nothing if it wasn’t for the likes of Iniesta and the mentioned Xavi. Besides the assists Iniesta provided to Messi, Lio showed over and over the good relationship he had with Andres outside the pitch, seeing the Spaniard as an idol and showing his respect every time he had the chance to. There is no doubt, Andres Iniesta was the best partner Lionel Messi could have asked.

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