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Despite being absent in the final minutes of their team’s Game 2 victory over Toronto, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson were quick to come out and show their support following the game.

Aside from hyping up and supporting their teammates, they also dedicated time to trash talk Toronto superfan Drake, who they have had a bit of a rivalry with since the Finals began. In Game 1, he was chirping on the sidelines, making noise and puffing his chest as if the Raptors had already closed the deal. The roles were switched this time around.

Both KD and Klay had some words to say to Drake following Game 2’s dramatic ending.

Game 3 will be back in Oracle arena on Wednesday, where they will look to take a 2-1 series lead over the Raptors. It will be a good game for sure, especially if it resembles anything of what we have seen so far.

Both teams are talented, smart, and hungry to lift that Larry O’Brien trophy before July begins. And, of course, the winner will get endless bragging rights over the other. So, for Drake, and Steph and Klay, this battle will not end until one team takes home the prize.

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